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Sales Force Automation

Lyra is well reputed for its high-end CRM tools; be it about CRM data analytic tools, or those for CRM analytics case study. The best part of Lyra CRM is that here Sales force automation, which controls the business operations like generating Sales lead, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, inventory control, sales processing, customer activities, Ticket Management and followups.

At the same time, it also analysis the sales projections, forecasts and the performances. Powered by the Lyra CRM, one can handle his/her own tasks and the schedules that can remind the user through the notifications. In addition, there remains the feature to send and collect mails, to and from a customer.


Lyra CRM collaboration software have been quite commendable for various reasons. What makes LYRA CRM collaboration such distinguishing is the fact that it fills the gap between sales and marketing teams by enhancing their appearance on desired platforms and data access. This feature also helps the ability of the seller to go through their entire client actions and marketing documents.

It enables the seller to go past and have a look at the whole communication and responses while communicating. Characteristics like enhanced productivity, online association, sharing the opportunity among the sales team, and maintaining the translucency within the team along with responsibility make it the most distinguishing.

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Customer Support

Lyra has been always aimed at delivering greater satisfaction to the clients. Similar is the case about the Case Management tools as well. This tool helps the end customer to raise the issues to their vendor and track the status anytime. These tools are quite proven in terms of ensuring greater accomplishment and generate consistent business.

Being an ERP solution provider we understand the importance of customer support and maximise the automation for keeping the customers for a longer period.

The customer support and case management tools from Lyra have been quite proven through their ability of resolving the issues as well. These tools can be handy enough for sharing effective solutions and product feature details within the team.


Lyra analytics is quite effective in terms of analyzing their sales data, and presenting in an enhanced and efficient fashion for better decision making. Be it about Lead analysis or Data analysis, each of the Lyra products has been quite excellent in terms of data processing and data mining.

The Lyra analytics tools do the whole range of web based analytical processing and performs the data mining within the system. At the same time, it also generates the analytics reports and graphs in a quite dynamic process. The best part among all these is that the user can have live data outcomes in Lyra CRM Dash Board.

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Document Library

Lyra has been sensational for the business owners through its document library in sales force. Powered by this document library software one doesn’t need to go for any kind of email searches or to go through the collaboration panel to spot the files being looked for. It enables the users in viewing the documents, whether these are attached in the emails, which is centrally positioned and tracked.

Ultimately, it becomes a matter of click to have those files at ease. In addition, these tools enable the user in sharing the sales enablement details within the activity streams and use those the way he/she likes.


Lyra Administration is handled by the administrator who configures the application and provides the access to the user or clients. On a whole, Lyra Administration streamlines the total user management in a significant fashion.

The best part of the tools developed by Lyra is that these are prepared thoroughly keeping the business processing in mind, or through the way it can be streamlined. Moreover, it provides the complete control to the business owner about the business operation.

These tools are indeed as effective as the others, like CRM analytics tools, Lead Management Software, etc. So collectively, these tools are meant to take the business level to a new high.

Service Management

Lyra Customer Management tools that cover and manage all aspects of your service-related processes.

Lyra’s efficient Ticketing system to handle more problems in less time. The customer support software to Store and manage all customer information in a single cloud-database.

Multi channel support

The multi-channel integration allows you to streamline all customer queries to a single ticketing inbox. This ensures that all issues get assigned to a particular employee or gets closed.

Ticket inbox

The ticketing dashboard combines customer conversations from multiple channels to a single team inbox in a smart and easily followed manner.

Assign and Resolve

Assign tickets to the relevant teams and team member. Also, track the particular tickets getting closed or escalated to an individual who ranks higher in the hierarchy. Beckon a new efficiency into customer service management.

Customer Portal

In Lyra, Customer can login to customer portal and raise the and gets default responses to keep your them engaged while you work to resolve their issues. Meanwhile, the ticketing software can escalate any unresolved issues.

Dashboards and reports

Our customer service software dashboard gives a quick preview of each ticket, the account manager working on them and the turn-around time.

Equipment Management

Lyra’s equipment management keeps the list of all equipment manufacture by the your organization. You can maintained the stock of various equipment with a simple classified manner. A detailed information are captured during creating a new item .

Material Management

Lyra's Material management system that provides real time info on the quantity, specific location, readiness status, and lifecycle history of all equipment items within a prescribed inventory


Lyra provides full life cycle management for any type of inventory item by leveraging the material Management to track all inventory receipts, storage locations, and issues.

In Lyra :
  • Inventory items can be tracked by item name, serial number, lot number, part number, location, condition, quantity, cost and ownership.
  • By capturing the parts used for each service work order .
  • Tracks the status of serialized components and can initiate supply order requisitions when reorder points are met.


Inventory Management Process: Conducting inventory at the right time helps eliminate costly back-orders and out of stock conditions for key items. Lyra can maintain inventory stock levels at each storage facility and across the organization including min/max and re-order points, thereby reducing costs and keeping inventory at the right levels.

Capture and track: Lyra automates the inventory receipt and put-away process by matching goods received to the original purchase requisition. This provides greater control in allocating resources, optimized space use, and efficient order-picking. As receipts are processed, the system updates and adjusts stock levels, ensuring station inventory managers have up-to-date order fulfillment information.

Requisitioning and Sustainment: To maintain ideal stock levels, required items can be recommended for procurement to the inventory manager. The inventory manager can requisition all approved purchases through regular supply-chain processes. Requisition and order status can be tracked and validated to confirm receipt and trigger purchase order closures.


Designed to assist in program planning, Lyra provides an Catalogue module containing equipment items and current pricing.

Vendor Management

The Better Way to Manage Suppliers and Vendors

Lyra Vendor Management allows you to manage all stages including: initial registration, Price approvals, Bills and payments.

Various reports like age wise analysis, Statement of accounts, pending PO’s, Material Returns and replacements etc are the most important reports generated by Lyra in a single click.