To better understand Lyra's Customer Relationship Management, check out the features under each tab Design, Create and Manage

Solid Foundation

Need a solid foundation for your business growth plans? Lyra will help you manage sales and meet your current business goals

Better Performance

Lyra's mission is to help you make sales easier and improve your company's overall KPIs. Register and start using it today

Powerful Analytic Tool

Decision making no more demands time, when you have the tools like LYRA. LYRA CRM data analytics tool provides graphical view of the entire transactions in a dynamic way to the user, which makes him/her in live decision making.

Unique Design Layout

LYRA is an absolutely responsive tool. It works perfect with all devices, starting from the smartphones to the tabs. One can export the entire set of data in any format, be it about .xls, .csv, or pdf. It enables the user in doing data import and export in all forms

Easy work flow

Powerful workflow tools in Lyra allows you to automate and optimize even the most complex business practices - heighten customer experience, drive productivity and reduce operating costs

Get 360 degree of your customer

Use critical customer data including key contacts, Address Book and all communication history and you will get a complete picture of every customer , from social rights to campaign history to deals they are involved

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Lyra gives your sales and marketing efforts a speed boost by analyzing customer needs and predicting prospective behavior. The system increases staff productivity by streamlining the sales and order process, offering real time updates and maintaining customer database. Some of its features include:

  • Captures customer and prospective detail
  • Systematic update of follow up enquiries
  • Sales order generation
  • Special dash board to check and review sales personnel performance.


Lyra CRM data analysis tool which analyzes data about their sales and presents it so that better and quicker business decisions can be made. It does all online analytical processing and mine the data with in the system. You will get all CRM analysis reports and graphs which has been generated dynamically.

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Designed to suit your business

Being a ERP development company and supplying best ERP software ,we Design the application with the individual in mind , Lyra offers the most innovative and intuitive user experience on the market . With Lyra's modern and immensive interface, every customer-facing employee can effectively engage with customer every time. Embedded collaboration tools helps breakdown departmental silos and increase engagements and service levels. And best of all , it provides contextual intelligence from internal and external data sources - all within a single dashboard- to drive more actionable insights for every user.


Improved Performance

Performance is something every manager strives to improve. With Lyra, managers get access to the necessary business tools in order to improve their team's performance.

Improved Productivity 70%
Goals Realization 90%
Accuracy Increase 80%

Frequently Asked Questions


How Lyra CRM can be helpful for operational and functional management of the industrial organizations?

Lyra CRM is designed by the experts being focused on individuals that automate the core of sales, marketing and customer services. Lyra CRM is integrated with features that increases staff productivity and drives higher adoption and business insights.


How Lyra CRM can be helpful for businesses?

Lyra CRM does have powerful workflow tools that allow optimizing and automating the complex practices within the business that ensures to heighten customer experience and drive productivity.


Can Lyra CRM be helpful in staff management?

Adding users in Lyra CRM is quite easier. Along this, assigning roles and privileges for transaction purpose is easier. Assigning roles to admin, sales admin, users, approver and activating and deactivating users on Lyra CRM is quite simple.


Can Lyra CRM help in customer management?

With Lyra CRM it is quite easier to prepare customer data and including the key contacts, address book and the entire communication history. Lyra CRM presents a complete and transparent picture of every customer easily. It allows getting 360o insights of customers.


Is Lyra CRM effective for sales management?

Lyra CRM is lead management software that collects leads and manages from the initial stage of the sales process. It efficiently increases effectiveness of sales opportunity. It helps in automating pre-sales and post-sales activities. This software works in a streamlined process.


Is Lyra CRM protected?

Lyra CRM is protected from virus attacks and crashes. It is easy to backup and recover lost data in Lyra CRM.

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Process Advantage

Icon 1 Streamline process such that
Icon 2 single place administration.
Icon 3 Better control over work burn down
Icon 4 Prompt response to customer resulting in better customer satisfaction
Icon 5 Business progress (monthly/weekly) analysis


Icon 6 Track activities and schedules
Icon 7 Send mail to customer
Icon 8 Check daily work sheet
Icon 9 Check and close pending tasks
Icon 10 Collaborate within the team with multiple activities for each customer.
Icon 11 Generate Reports & Graphs to understand the status of work.
Icon 12 Understand the account lifecycle using Process Flow.


Icon 13 Have an improved Sales Forecasting, based on real-time sales inputs
Icon 14 Increase revenue through higher number of converted opportunities and customer retention
Icon 15 Effectively control and monitor of the business for a better and decision making
Icon 16 Increase Operational Efficiency
Icon 17 Analytical Reports

How Lyra Meets Expectation

Icon 18 Increases the size of the sales pipeline.
Icon 19 Improves the win/loss ratio, or the proposal-to-order ratio.
Icon 20 Increases the average order size and it reduces discounting.
Icon 21 Dramatic improvements in the effectiveness of all your sales and marketing investments.
Icon 22 Increases the percentage of deliverables considered useful to helping Sales generate revenue and to helping prospective customers make good buying decisions.
Icon 23 Increases the effectiveness of the sales opportunity,

Impact in Organisation

Icon 24 It increases the size of the sales pipeline.
Icon 25 It improves the win/loss ratio, or the proposal-to-order ratio.
Icon 26 It increases the average order size and it reduces discounting.
Icon 27 It’s simple and powerful.
Icon 28 Dramatic improvements in the effectiveness of all your sales and marketing investments.

Impact in Marketing Team

Icon 29 It increases the percentage of deliverables considered useful to helping Sales generate revenue and to helping prospective customers make good buying decisions.
Icon 30 It increases Marketing’s ability to market solutions.
Icon 31 And it creates faster penetration of new and existing markets.

Impact in Sales Team

Icon 32 It increases the effectiveness of the sales opportunity,
Icon 33 It increases time-to-channel effectiveness by reducing the amount of time it takes the field to successfully start selling the value of new products

What Customers Say About Us

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers' voice. They talk from their heart

customer head 1

Working with Foyer Technology doesn't feel working with an offshore development company;its feel as internal team of the company. The flexibility,agility and scalability are maximum and they are very proactive

During our relationship,Foyer Technology has delivered software re-engineering project to one of our important customer and few internal projects for our health care area and management information for textile division.

We are very satisfied and happy to have found Foyer Technology as our offshore development partner.

Krishna Javaji, CEO - Javaji Softech GmbH & Co.KG

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“My team has found Foyer Technology to be a pleasure to work with. The Foyer team pays attention to detail, keep clients up-to-date on progress of project, and is thoughtful in handling client queries and sensitive information. Their services are excellent, on-time and on-budget.”

C. EBENEZER BOBSON - CEO & Member – Board of Management

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Our experience with Foyer Technology has been phenomenal. Mr Patnaik and his team are managing the software testing (manual and automation testing) for one of our client in USA for last one and half years from now.

The team is always available to attend our concern we had, no matter the time, day or evening. At all times every effort was made to ensure we are happy and satisfied with every aspect of project as it moved along.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Foyer Technology and the team and we highly recommend Foyer Technology to other customers as well.

Ramu Ramanathan Ph.D., P.E., PMP President Maxisys Inc - IT Manager